The Crowd Worker Assignment

The purpose of the crowd worker assignment was to learn of crowd sourcing works. To complete this project, each student had to find a crowd working website and complete at least thirty minutes of crowd working. My project included my crowd working that I completed on the Lab in the Wild platform. My time spent on this site included surveys that attempted to see what kind of thinker I am based on what country I am from, tried predict my color age, and one that asked me what features of a website are visually appealing. The results from my survey can be seen in the slideshow of  screenshots below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

These surveys are a way to get information about people that could potentially be valuable. For example, the survey asking about what I find visually appealing could definitely have value to businesses and web designers. This information could then be put to use as a way of improving how websites are designed in an effort to make them more aesthetically pleasing. This was an excellent way to get true experience contributing as crowd worker. Through this project I was able to learn the power of the crowd and how valuable our data can be. Along with this, I was also able to find a potential side job to make a little extra cash during the semester!


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