Infographics and Flow Diagrams

This infographic and flow diagram project was a way of introducing algorithms by starting to think about the process of completing a simple task. To complete this assignment, I was required to find an infographic tool to create a poster that showed the steps to complete the simple task of getting ready for school in the morning. The next step was to take the instructions used in the infographic poster and translate them into a flow diagram. To accomplish this, I had to find an online flow diagram creator and incorporate at least one decision into the sequence of instructions. Both my infographic poster and my flow diagram can been seen in the two screenshots below.

Now that I have firsthand experience with infographics and flow diagrams, I can see how helpful they can be when representing tasks. In the visual world that we live in today, no one wants to take the time to tediously read through a long list of instructions. Introducing pictures not only helps a reader visually comprehend the task at hand, but also could save them plenty of time and frustration. This is exactly why companies are choosing to incorporate infographics in their instruction manuals. Flow diagrams are also a helpful form of visual representation similar to this. Although they don’t exactly have pictures that represent the task, they still are an excellent way to break down the task into clear and concise steps. This form of visual representation translates very well to how computer processes work. Since computer programs also involve performing tasks that include decisions such as getting ready for school, I think that this project did an exceptional job of creating a solid base for learning how algorithms work.


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