Introduction to Python

The purpose of the Python Tutorial assignment was to get a brief introduction of the coding language of Python. For this project, our class was required to pick three lessons on Code Academy and complete them. After completed, we were required to take a screenshot of the code and the output and put it into a word document. The screenshots were also accompanied by a brief description of what kind of work was included in the lesson. This short introduction on Code Academy included the basics such as variables, booleans, and the reassigning of variables. The screenshots of the code and the outputs can be seen in the slide show below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Although I have a very long way to go in terms of learning the language of Python, I feel that this was a great way to get more comfortable with coding. With having no experience coding what so ever, this experience has made the whole idea of learning everything about coding far less overwhelming. As an actuary, I will undoubtedly be using code to find important data in large databases.  This is very important skill that I plan on learning by taking full advantage of this free online resource. I believe that this assignment has undeniably been the most valuable out of all the other assignments. This assignment had the most practical application outside of this course and I will look forward to developing the lessons learned here as I further my computer science knowledge throughout my college career at the University at Albany.


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