The Black Goose Bistro HTML

The purpose of this assignment was to learn the basics of HTML in order to get an introduction to web design. To accomplish this, I read the online textbook that was assigned to the class and learned how to create the groundwork for a simple web page using HTML. After reading the chapter, I used my new knowledge to input the code below into notepad.HTML CODEpart 2

HTML pic
Final product being viewed in Google Chrome

After finishing the code, it was ready to be viewed in a browser. The photo above is a screenshot of the final product being viewed in Google Chrome. This project was an excellent way to get hands on experience with HTML and basic web design. After completing this project, I feel confident that I know enough about the general structure of a web page to create more simple web pages such as this. This will definitely be a very important skill to know and develop further as I continue my computer science studies throughout my college career at the University at Albany. Now that I know this basics, I look forward to learning even more about HTML and Cascading Style Sheets so that I can create more advanced webpages in the future.


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