The Over-Sharer

What is the Over-Sharer?

The over-sharer was an assignment in which I had to excessively text a casual acquaintance updates throughout the span of an entire day. The point of this project was to see what kind of response this uncomfortable amount of updating would provoke from our unfortunate test subjects. The awkward conversation that I had with Liam, an individual that I am not particularly close with, yielded quite surprising results.

The Results of the Over-Sharer.

Liam Text

At first, Liam was very understandably confused. After the first couple updates, he started off by answering with a very innocent, “Um ok?” Then after an additional three updates he started to really question the whole reason behind my constant updates. This clearly showed his frustration with my awkward and unnecessary messages. As the unwarranted storm of updates continued with one more text, Liam made it clearly obvious that he had received enough. To avoid being attacked in real life and ruining a potential friendship, I stopped the messages and explained to Liam that I’m not actually that weird. Liam was a great sport and after hearing that this was just an experiment, he said that he was glad to help and that he hoped he didn’t come off as too mean with his last text. There were no hard feelings and I thanked him for allowing me put our conversation in this report.


Implications of These Results

I personally believe that these results reveal quite a bit about modern human nature, especially with respect to how we communicate with each other. With the introduction of social media, social norms are becoming increasingly strict. A deviation from the norm, in this case the constant updates from an unfamiliar acquaintance, leads to serious repercussions. This surprisingly aggressive response from a person that I thought had a very passive and friendly demeanor suggests that conformity to these norms is the only way to survive socially. Learning this, was a great was to see how social media and the age of technology has impacted the way that we communicate with one another. Although this assignment didn’t directly prepare me for the future computer science coursework, this assignment has taught me not to challenge the social norms that have been unofficially established in today’s society. This extremely valuable lesson will stay with long after I am finished with my college career and will undoubtedly come in handy.


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